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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  August 30, 2009 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> will try to post the recipe on our website we can find it. that's a wrap on his lunch this week. tanks to jane hall, jim pinkerton, andrea and terrorists and judy miller. i'm jon scott. keep it right here on fox news channel and we will see you again next week for another edition of "fox news watch". goodbye. > >> good morning everyone, it's sunday, august 30th, here is what's happening at this hour, new details this morning in the case of jaycee dugard, her kidnapper's father is speaking out and now a neighbor is playing a role in the investigation. we'll tell you all about it. >> plus, the man who captured the run a way teen who converted from islam to christiany. why he urged her to stay away from her own parents. >> find out which hotel will
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pay you to get pregnant on vacation. sunday morning from "fox & friends." the gang has never looked fitter, going to be a fun filled day now that alisyn can twitter. >> don't get ahead of yourself, man ♪ . >> live from the news crossroads of the world, this is "fox & friends." >> clayton, you be proud of me, i've been twittering, even in your absence. . >> and i'll follow you. >> you do? >> and e-mails from people who say what have you started by having her twitter. >> because like now, i'm sleepyments so you're that kind of-- >> yes, yes, it's fascinating, i believe. everything i'm feeling and thinking. >> and fox dave briggs, i don't do that, i don't knowing people care that i eat fruit every morning. >> we care. >> that's not why you should be twit erring. we'll be twit erring throughout your show and getting your questions and e-mail.
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>> you know when you go to a stand-up comedy show and the comedian says wildly inappropriate, politically incorrect things? that's the point of comedy or what you expect. one comedian is being sued by her mother-in-law because she has made some mother-in-law jokes. she's not the first to make jokes, but she may be the first to be sued. we are going to talk to her. >> yeah, that's coming up. e-mail us about that. and we'll talk about the latest in the apologies s-- jayc jaycee dugard story. we'll get a glimpse into what the world was leak like. the young girl captured by fip garrido, in the back yard, prison world where she lived with her two daughters, allegedly he illicitly fathered with her. >> a neighbor said she saw
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young girls living in skaul lore. they thought he was weird, called him creepy phil and she called the cops ap this is the missed opportunity in 2006 that the police went to his home and didn't see this little shanty town of shacks that he had hidden behind a tarp, even though the neighbor was aware that for some reason, little girls were running around there. so she will now help in the investigation. >> right, and some say that t they may not have known or checked that garrido was a registered sex offender and jaycee dugard was working for his printing business and talking to customers through e-mail, on the phone and wonder, why didn't see in some way communicate her situation, her real name, her identity, stockholm syndrome, what happened did she come to care for this person, believe in him? i don't know, brain washed?
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>> those are serious questions for the mom who has of course been reunited with her daughter and calling in the help of the family, in fact, because she just doesn't know how to deal with it right now. >> of course, there are reports this morning that say she find her daughter unrecognizable, in the physically, the person she's confronted with isn't the person she knew 18 years ago because you know, jaycee has obviously been so changed and traumatized and we have the dr. keith ablow to talk about stockholm syndrome and why they wouldn't try to escape. that's a an aged photo we don't know what she looks like. >> and the suspect, the stepdad, he says the suspect's father, he says his son is absolutely crazy, take a listen to this. >> it's going to take years for something so sensitive. i asked my wife how she's doing ttaking it minute by minute. people don't realize you can't change in years, it's been 18 years, the girl has never been
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to a doctor or running around and stuff, but they're not educated. >> that was carl, jaycee's st stepfather. the one who witnessed her being abducted 18 years ago. he told police that a woman pulled her into the car and police calls suspected him. >> yeah, he was a long time suspect in this thing. and now, they were talking about the father of phil garrido who gave some insight this weekend into what went on in the mind of his son, phillip da garrido, his father. >> he was crazy, out of his head, he was on lsd and he had a serious motorcycle wreck and hit his head, he was still a young teenager, he wasn't even 17 'cause they had to call me at work that he had an accident, and he had surgery and that's-- and on lsd and the lsd killed
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h him. that's interesting. apparently this place they were living is a house of hoarse. the pictures for the first time revealed this morning and it's just disgusting. there are-- it looks like nobody cleaned up or-- there were clothes strewn everywhere, books. cats. >> they say that jaycee and her daughters were obsessed with cats and only reading they were allowed to do. >> and one other thing self-esteem, a photo of a book that said self-esteem. >> self-esteem a family affair. >> it's going to take years to regain. much more on this and alisyn will have a panel looking into the family of jaycee dugard. janice dean is in for rick this morning. we're now clear of danny and another hurricane on the way, right? >> well, this one is in the pacific. we of course were watching danny yesterday, danny is no
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longer just really a low pressure system up in the atlantic, but we are watching thisyear of disturbed weather about a thousand miles east of the lesser antilles and that could become our next named storm which will be erica in the atlantic. but we've got two named storms, one of them a category 3 hurricane in the pacific, and you can see right there, very well defined eye, as wellment we watched kevin way out in the pacific not going to affect land, but jinena could increase in wind speed and become a category 3, major hurricane, certainly a dangerous storm. taking a look at the radar right now, pretty good looking day for a lot of folks and as mentioned dappy is out of the way, but that combined with a low pressure system across the northea northeast gave cape cod over five inches of rain yesterday.
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we're looking for a beautiful day as high pressure builds in in the northeast. cooler temperatures for part of the southeast. there's a tri trailing front that's giving showers and storms of the parts of the southeast and central and southern plains, but you talk about fall temperatures, not even september yesterday and look at the temperature at international falls, guys, it's 32 degrees. we've got a really cold air mass invading the upper midwest from canada and going to drop temperatures significantly over the next several days for not only the upper midwest, but into the northeast and even the southeast over the next several days, a real taste of fall is underway. now, quickly, a look at your temperatures for the northeast, 56 in new york, it still feels tropical outside. once the front moves through, temperatures will be delightful through the week. there's your west coast temperatures. we still have firefighters battling wildfires out west
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and temperatures are warm, especially in the interior sections of the southwest. temperatures over 100 degrees so that's not going to help firefighters unfortunately, so we'll watch all the stories and give you the latest from the fox weather center. back to you. >> thanks, janice. >> you bet. >> in the meantime we have headlines for you, what's happening at this hour, the u.s. is accusing pakistan of illegally modified american made mills according to a new yorks times report to hit land based targets, could be a threat to india. the action may mean new tensions between the u.s. and pakistan over the weapons development and could trigger an arms race with india the u.s. tried to end and pakistan denies this accusation. well, presidents, family and friend gave a final farewell to senator ted kennedy at a two hour service at the bah celica of our lady of perpetual health in boston. one of the; is that right's sons, ted kennedy, jr.
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remembered his dad. >> he said, teddy, republicans love this country just as much as i do. and one of those wonderful experiences that i will remember today is how many of his republican colleagues are sitting here right before him. that's a true testament to the man. >> the senator's final resting place is at arlington national cemetery next to his brothers, robert and john f. kennedy. an autopsy of celebrity disc jockey dm. more tests are planned. remembering the last time he was heard from 1 a.m. on friday when he sent a text message to two budies planning a trip to legislation. he was found dead with a crack pipe and a half empty back of crack cocaine in his sweat pants. he was just 36 years old. and those are your headlines. we're learning more about what happened under this alleged
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harsh interrogation tactics for kalid shaikh mohammed and we've talked about the past, the problems with the special prosecutors, they go on for years and years, we all remember the 1990's with the ken starr investigation and both parties saying, these special prosecutors need to be reined in a bit and even barack obama on the campaign trail didn't want to have his tenure watched and guarded with a special prosecutor. that appears that's not the case as they unfold and look into the cia tactics. >> and they are talking about charges and what the cia sources revealed involving ksm. after he was water boarded, he provided tremendous information, called him quote, a prepaeminent source, taught tutorials for hours on end to
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members of the cia. he stood at the chalkboard answering questions, telling the cia people how it take notes after he was water boarded and here is where debatable part comes in, he was water boarded 183 times with seven and a half days without sleep, he was diapered and shackled at the point that he was broken. >> yeah, but they say that before that, he was generally uncooperative and just gave cia officers information that they basically already had. he wasn't coughing up anything. and then after the water boarding and the sleep deprivation, he suddenly started providing information, including he gave them information about a plan that was going to be carried out by al she had to crash commercial airlines into heathrow airport. that's something that they think he might have thought the cia agent knew about, but gave them more information than they previously had known about. there is he still a raging debate as to whether the enhanced interrogation tax
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te text work. according to the washington post, that's what turned khalid shaikh mohammed and got real information that prevented attacks. >> and critics say that water boarding and harsh interrogation tactics regardless of results shouldn't be used by the cia and said that kalid shaikh mohammed, quoting him, words he gave to the red cost, during those harsh interrogation tactics i gave them false information on purpose, however, as you point out, the information he thought they didn't have on the cia, with regards to the flights into heathrow and also into los angeles, they didn't have that information. >> and dick cheney will speak out on all the allegations and the investigation later with chris wallace on fox news sunday. coming up now, was the lockerbie bomber really set free due to a deal over oil? that story coming up. >> shocking comments, a member
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>> you might have heard their philosophical leader, i think his name is rush limbaugh ap he said early on, i hope that he fails. do you know what that means? if the president, your commander-in-chief fails, america fails. so remember, they are spreading fear and they're trying to see that the first president who looks like me fai fails. >> wow, that was california congress woman diane watson at a town hall meeting in los angeles and that's not the only shocking thing she had to say. there is even more. joining me to weigh in is radio talk show host and fox
7:18 am
news contributor mike gallagher been a while. >> it's been a while. i don't know if president obama would be complimented or offended to hear that he looks like her, he may not like that comparis comparison. >> that's another question. you bring up a good point. i'll bet the president wantsening to do with that comment because the president does not want race brought into the equation ands' made that very clear. why did diane watson oon make it an issue. she knows rush limbaugh criticism has nothing to do with race so why bring it up? >> right. well, let's see the democrats are pulling out what rush said months and months ago, the race card, they are really desperate right now, i mean, this summer of '09 is going to be remembered as the summer of the town hall meeting and i mean, a few days ago, you had dr. howard dean admit in a virginia town hall meeting that the democrats lack the will to stand up to the trial lawyers and that's why there's no tort reform. i mean, day after day, week after week, we have seen blunders and gaffes, congress
7:19 am
people like this befuddled woman show their skirt and show exactly what they're all about and really embarrass themselves. if the news media had been doing its job this summer, dave, the mainstream judgists and pundit there be with a n nonstop analysis what a political blunder the town hall concept has been for the democratic party and those trying to advance obama care. it's been a train wreck, unmitigated disaster. they know it, the american people have spoken and you know, i think this looks very bad for the democrats right now. >> this one didn't have a chance to get to health care, she also referred to the president as someone from kenya, but i want to talk about what she said in regards to cuba. she talks about their health care system, almost being an enviable one and here is what she said about fidel castro. >> you can think whatever you want to about fidel cast strcas but he was one of the brightest leaders i have ever m
7:20 am
met. >> again, now, if you listen, people were applauding in that audience. i'm not sure where she was in this country, i guess she was in california. i don't know who she is folks were but she's getting off message. what is the point here? >> well, i think the point it's a reminder that for americans who are undecided about those who are advancing obama care, they're out there so pitfully out of touch that they would stand up and say that a dictator is bright and wonderful. it's scary stuff. >> it is, if you're praising the cuban health care system you need to check your facts. >> no kidding. >> mike gallagher, appreciate you being with us this morning. >> thanks, dave. good seeing you. >> all right, coming up, new video of a wildfire raging near los angeles. thousands of people have been forced wi forced from their homes, an update on the damage and what wives are doing to get things under control coming right up. plus, a run away teen fears for her life because she converted from islam in
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends." it's a story we have a been following closely. a teenage run away claims her parents will kill her from converting from islam to christiany. and their law calls for honor killings. our next guest knows what she's going through. >> she also converted to christiany and acting as a confident to risqi bary and knows her well. thank you for being with us. you counseled her back in ohio when she was still in ohio about a year ago. what did she tell you about her family and the threats they made against her? >> well, she tellold me about a
7:25 am
little over a year ago, she's heard a message i gave at a church in the columbus ohio area, she listened online and told me she'd been living a secret christian life and out four years, but said for the last three years i've been living as a secret christian and when she was in the 7th grade she went to school and a classmate in her class started to talk about jesus in a way that she had never heard before and she realized and she heard from this girl that jesus was the son of god who died on the cross for the sins of the world and risen from the dead on the third day and because of that that we could have this relationship with god that was not just this god who is you know, just a powerful god. >> sure. >> and distant universe somewhere, but she realized that you could have a relationship with god very perm, as a matter of fact, we could even call him daddy and it was a complete new revelation for her and because of that, and it's different from islamic version of god, she decided to become a follower of jesus in the 7th grade and since then, it
7:26 am
completely changed her life and she was living a very difficult circumstances and told me that. >> and also, difficult circumstances daimler-chryslers she tell you exactly what her family said they would do to her as a result of this conversion? >> yeah, you know, i was so taken back with this because i've had the opportunity to travel to the middle east on several occasions, i've sat down and met with people who were muslims and became can i goses and saw the fear on their face and that's the same fear i saw in risqa and heard her story and what she shared on numerous occasions if her parents found out she was a christian she was confident she would lose her life and it struck me. >> it struck your wife and it struck with your daughter and you met with her and became acquainted with the story. and then she fled to florida. what should happen now. stay with a foster family in florida? if she comes back to ohio do you think she's in trouble there, do you think she should fear for her life in ohio and there's a movement that may
7:27 am
have her moving back to ohio. >> i think she should stay in florida. i don't know you've probably done a lot of investigative work, there's a lot of information about the mosque her family was connected to the islamic center in the hilliard, ohio area, they have connections to a lot of shady people. there are scholar in residence there is with a man documented of making statements, advocating the murder of won westerners and this community put pressure on her parents to actually, how they found out she was a christian. they told her-- >> unfortunately, we have to leave it there because we want to get in this, and thank you for joining us. in florida if you want to reach out to the governor of that state, charlie crist about this problem and address it a way to try to keep her in the state. he is the governor who has been working closely with her on this. >> her fate rest was a judge. next hearing is september 3rd
7:28 am
so we'll keep you posted on the story. >> well, democrats have a hard time passing health care reform without senator kennedy's vote? why it may be left with one option, that is to go it alone. we'll explain. >> plus, a hotel on a tropical island is now offering couples money to may go babies. we'll tell you where it is and where you can sign up right after the break. @@-÷rp0wk]o:t most for headaches.
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>> welcome back here to "fox & friends" on this, what is it, sunday morning? >> i believe so. >> we had saturday off so we're all, huh? >> discombobulated. that's alisyn camerota, i'm clayton morris, that's dave briggs. >> senator kennedy laid to rest in washington and many are speculating how his death will impact the health care
7:32 am
debate. with more we go to caroline shively in washington d.c., good morning to you, caroline, i know you were out there watching this, the mode cade and all who came out in support of senator kennedy on saturday. >> reporter: absolutely. and it's still unclear, dave, all the ways that the death of ted kennedy, the driving force behind health care reform, will affect the momentum of a bill, but for the simple fact that democrats have lost one of their neighbors, that will definitely make passage more complicated. >> they have 72 independents those who caucus with them. that's sort of a filibuster. even if all democrats vote yes, that's considering that's not a done deal, that would open the option of rec sill yi ation. it was invented for big budget items. requires a simple majority vote, but has rules attached. one is, the plan would have to be deficit neutral. the democratic plan wouldn't get to zero for years. and they would have to cut or
7:33 am
add more taxes on split the bill in two. leader harry reid seemed to go with reconciliation. he said at a town hall if we can't do a bipartisan bill, we'll do a partisan bill. teddy as you know-- >> and why not put it off until next year once massachusetts voters elected his replacement. then you're back to the filibuster proof election. and polls indicated that democratic majorities will likely shrink. back to you in new york. >> complicated. i thought was sad that george step n step-- s stephanopoulos would like them to take a xrocompromise. many believes that his presence has largely been missed in the health care debate and because he was able
7:34 am
to work with republicans so closely that his skills in balancing this might have played well, instead of this sort of bipartisan bickering taking place. >> in the meantime, it's hurricane season and they've been coming in rapid fire succession. janice dean is here this morning to tell us about the latest, hey, janice. >> hi, alisyn, yes, we're watching the pacific now, we saw dan ny go to a remnant low out in the atlantic not a force to be reckoned with. we're watching in the pacific, jimena is a category 3 storm, and watching tropical storm kevin, 55 mile per hour sustained winds and not going to affect land. we think that jimena could be a category 4 in the next 12 to 24 hours and see the well defined eye and all of the showers and thunderstorms filling out all four quadrants of the storm. that's the path as we go further out in time, becoming a category 4 by monday, 145 mile per hour sustained wind and you can see as we head
7:35 am
through the work week, affecting baja, california, with perhaps some really rough surf. rip currents, certainly, and that category 3 storm could do significant damage to baja. so we'll watch for that in the days ahead. now, taking a look at your satellite radar composite over the u.s. and things look pretty good. we do have some showers and thunderstorms, courtesy of the trailing cold front over the southeast, a few showers and thunderstorms across northwest and the four corners region, still gusty wind for the los angeles region, and temperatures are going to be warm again today as we're watching the potential for wildfire danger, firefighters have got their work cut out for them across the west. 84 in los angeles. 107 in phoenix, 79 in seattle, look at minneapolis, it's 70 degrees, 66 in chicago, that's another big story we're watchi watching, a significant cold front moving in from canada. going to drop the temperatures and feel like fall and even close to winter-like
7:36 am
temperatures. look at international falls this morning, 32 degrees and frost advisories for the upper midwest and across the great lakes region and we are going to see a cold air mass invade the area and into the northeast and even down as far south as the southeast, atlanta georgia. you're going to feel temperatures in the 70's. so that's certainly something 0 look forward to if you don't like the hot weather and again, just focus again on the west where we're dealing with extreme heat, and very low relative humidity, not helping firefighters in the mountains of los angelesment and we'll watch that story and bring you the latest on the hurricanes. it is the season. back to you guys. >> thanks, janice. all right, i have a story about those wildfires. here are your headlines. first, check out this new video coming into our news room this morning. massive wildfires north of los angeles, here they are, have destroyed three homes and injured at least three people. thousands of residents this are being evacuated, this as the u.s. forest service warns that hot and dry weather conditions are making it, quote, a perfect storm of
7:37 am
fuels for the fire to spread even more. governor schwarzenegger is now doubling the number of firefighters to more than one thousand. we'll keep an eye on that. shocking report out of london this morning, a british newspaper is reporting that the government there made a deal for the lockerbie bomber to return home after an oil exploration deal between libya and british petroleum had hit a roadblock. quoting letters, a report says that gordon brown's government decided to make him eligible for return two years ago in the overwhelming interest of the united kingdom. he returned home as you remember to cheering crowds in libya last week. autopsies are scheduled in georgia where police were called to a grisly murder scene in a mobile home. seven people were found dead and two others in critical condition. police are tight lipped about the situation, how the victims died or if they're related, only described the victims being from a very young age to
7:38 am
a very old age. there are no suspects yet. let's get some sports from dave. >> let's talk little league baseball, those guys from chul la vista near san diego could probably beat the san diego padres. they left no doubt, more than that, that's true. they should be representing the u.s. they beat san antonio, texas, 12-2 in three and a half innings, the mercy rule on saturday. vice-president biden was in the stands for pennsylvania, but the championship came to the u.s. and taiwan, first pitch, and in trouble for the mets fans in the studio. they've given up on their season. >> speaking of clayton, this sounds like a typical semester at pit. heisman trophy winning and two time champion has to attend one class this semester, get this, he doesn't have to attend. tells the new york times he thinks the name of the class the senior seminar, but he's not entirely shur and he's no
7:39 am
slacker, his grade point average, 37.2. i know that gpa is right. is that aly-like? >> mine was higher. >> mine was pushing 4 and i had-- >> 4 what. >> and i had 18 credits. >> and so much checking on both of you right now, let's fact check that. >> i threw this out there on twitter this question about pro creation vacationsment it seems it's a trend that's sweeping at least one island, the island of aruba. listen to this, the westin resort in aruba is offering a classic package. $399 a night for two people. all meals and drinks included, $100 resort credit for guests who book by the end of september if you can prove that when you visited their resort, you got pregnant. >> how do you prove it, aly. >> you get a doctor's note. want to you get a doctor's note. >> and they can prove it to the day. >> if the doctor can give you a day.
7:40 am
>> a vague area, doctorsments sometimes they give you an actual day, at least they do me, and they give you a $300 credit for future use at this west p westin resort, if you conceived while you were there on vacation. now, this is a win-win situation for westin. >> sure. >> because once you have that newborn, you'll never use that $300 voucher that they're giving you for future visits. give it to your buddy clayton, he'll be able to. >> he won't be able to because he didn't conceive that time. >> go and conceive so i can get a trip. >> i think they'll give it to the first to actually conceive pts it's a win-win-win, if you go back they'll spend more than the 300 they credited you and by the way we're talking about it on national television and they win on all-- >> this is the brilliance of one of the plans, disney has the free admission, get into the park free. who goes to the park by themselves, you bring a friend with you on your birthday so you get into the park and
7:41 am
bring your family and they have to pay. >> you spend $500 in the park and for us it's a little too late. we had our kids and where was this when we were-- >> you can always have another, number one. >> i could. are you watching? >> and there are people that have sent in pictures and one couple holds up a sign, we're pregnant and took photographs after they were on the trip to aruba. >> and happened during. >> people-- >> you know, i could have offered this same deal at my weddi weddi wedding, but i would have gone broke. three people conceived. >> a lot of liquor served at your wedding. >> not at the reception, but. >> at the ceremony. >> in the hotel. >> yes. i had a lot of people in the chat room, people saying only $300? you're going to spend $200,000 on the life of a child for a year gutting them through college, and $300 credit and people in the chat room not necessarily the incentive. >> yeah, cough up more, westin and then talk about it. >> coming up, it's a story you
7:42 am
first heard right here on "fox & friends," a boy stuck in an orphanage in italy after being taken by his mentally ill mother. his father fighting to get him back joins us with an update next. >> now him from the tennis court. today, john mcenroe is on "fox & friends," why he says he's a better player than roger federer. >> he is. one of my idols. your body needs sleep to feel healthy... to feel better. tylenol pm quiets the pain that keeps you awake. and helps you sleep, in a non-habit forming way. being smart. yep. just booked my 10th night on,
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>> all right. this morning, we have an update for you on that story, that so many of you have been following. it's the heart breaking story that we first told you about here on "fox & friends," an american father fighting for the return of his little boy, liam who you see here. liam was abducted by his unstable mom and held in an italian orphanage. and now his whereabouts are unknown. they refused to follow american courts and give liam back. good morning, michael. good morning. >> when were you first here two weeks ago were you saying that the orphanage where liam has been for the past six
7:46 am
months was shut down for august as much of italy was. >> yeah. >> do you know today where liam is? what's the update? >> we just keep getting a lot of misinformation, a lot of double speak. i really can't say with any certainty exactly where he is and i'm incredibly frustrated and deeply concerned. >> and in fact, we have the order signed by a judge that appears to have given liam for this month to his maternal grandparents, the parents of your ex-wife. take a look at this, if we can pull it up. it's hard to read. this is what passes for a court order? >> yeah. i can read italian, but i can't tell what you that saysment that was written by a judge and that judge then went on vacation for three months. so, we-- we don't know where he is with any certainty, we don't know what kind of condition he's in. my attorney over there has been calling social services on a daily basis, social
7:47 am
services says that they have reached out to the grandparents and been trying to call and they have not gotten any return calls, they have not been able to locate anybo anybody. it's outrageous. >> and of course, this is worrisome because if he is with his maternal grandparents, chances are, his mom, your ex-wife, may also be around him and of course there's a court order that has taken him away interefrom her because she's unfit. >> that's obviously a big concern and now, there's a history of not honoring court orders, a clear history of that. so, the fact that the grandparents, there's a lot of concerns about them. i mean, she was staying with them initially and they were basically harboring her when she first got there. so this is a hostile environment for liam to be in. it's not healthy. i'm very worried. >> to remind people, manuela is wanted by the fbi and by interpol for abducting liam when he was five years old from his kindergarten here in new york. you of course have sole
7:48 am
custody. i know as a result of this confusion you're planning a trip in the near future to italy. what do you hope to accomplish is it. >> well, i'm going to go over there, try to get some answers and hopefully try to see my son and see what kind of condition he's in since nobody will tell me. i want to know how he's doing, what he looks like, if he's being taken care of. i want to bang on some doors and get some answers. the main answer is why are you not giving him back to me? i mean, this is just getting absurd. i was told-- i was last there at the end of march and i was told by social services oh, give it a month or two while these things wrap up and then april passed and then may passed and june and july, and now, we're into apparently october because everything is shut down, people are gone away. it's utterly outrageous. >> of course, that's the reason you've decided to come to the media and your story has gotten so much play. the last time you saw liam, just remind us of what the conditions were like and what makes you think he may be
7:49 am
deteriorating? >> well, the last time i saw him was at the orphanage and he was not in good shape. i mean, he-- this little boy, you've seen a lot of the video. he was in new york just the happiest boy in the world. he was a joy and this is not just my opinion as a father, this was noted by his school, by everybody who knew him and that little boy is gone. i mean, whatever it is that they've done to him over there has just utterly destroyed him. he is angry, he's mistrustful, he's irritable, he's demonstrating psychological manifestations of what's going on. i have got to get him and get him back here and get him the care he needs. this is an emergency. >> well, best of luck on your trip to italy. we will be praying for you. keep us posted as to what happens there. anybody who is watching who wants to know more about the story go to
7:50 am
thanks for being here. >> thanks. >> shocking allegations against a japanese auto maker toyota. the car company is accused of hiding evidence in hundreds of rollover deaths. who is making the claim and toyota's response ahead. >> a mother-in-law tired of being the butt of the joke like this one. >> okay. now, i'm having a little girl. would i like to know is would you plan on naming that little girl. >> the woman being made fun of is suing her. that comedian is here with that side of the story. that's a-- tiny netbook. yeah, it's-- good-looking, lightweight. generally awesome. and you could just-- go online, video-chat with my cousin. this is un-- under $200. are you some kind of-- mind reader, visionary ? no, i have them.
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7:53 am
>> gentlemen, start your engines. >> this is no laughing matter. a comedian is it sued by her
7:54 am
mother-in-law for the family jokes in her stand-up routine. >> i have a jewish moth mother-in-law. maybe you can't see from the highlights, i'm a black woman with a jewish mother-in-law. have you ever met someone in the first five seconds you say through your teeth, i can't stand her. and the first time i walked in and tried to be polite. thank you for having me, my pleasure is all mine, have a seat. elliott put my pocket book away. >> and this i hope that's not a your material because you're standing up now. give me another mother-in-law joke. 'cause i know you have them. >> no, well, i mean it's like the hiccups had i known she would have sued me i would have written more jokes, it's not the lawsuit that's gathering me, it's being taken out of the will. so it's funny, i really knew there were going to be problems when she said to me, oh, you're so funny and i told her i was going to marry her son and she said, oh, that's
7:55 am
so funny and so i don't think she got the punch line. so these are things that keep happening, right. >> i can see the problem. when you first heard about this lawsuit, i mean, your mother-in-law was angry, she knew about the jokes, these are jokes you would make with her on a regular basis and knew the routine and why suddenly it seems out of the blue did the lawsuit come about. >> i think it came out of the blue because my sister and brother-in-law were suing me and dragged her in and she's become the focal point and it's awful because it's my mother-in-law. it's my mother-in-law and people have been making mother-in-law jokes for how long? comedians have an act. they wouldn't have an act, wouldn't have an act. and how ironic, your husband, a lawyer is representing you dependence her to make this all the more complicated and you've done some national television. >> yes, i have. >> what has been the reaction? has she contacted you, and stopped the lawsuit? >> not only has she not kathed
7:56 am
-- contacted me and stopped the lawsuit. she hasn't given me a new recipe. >> i love you have a sense of humor. >> the court date is-- >> i'm a wreck. >> you're a laughing cloud. on the inside you're hurting. you're going to court on september 8th. do you think the judge will laugh this out of court or actually see the lawsuit progress. we have no idea. suppose the judge is a mother-in-law, you don't know how people feel about these things, sensitive now and now i'm getting phone calls and people are saying to me, other comics are saying their mother in laws are saying don't put me in the act. this is changing everything. >> and i didn't want to get too legal, but it's kind of a scary precedent now. if you can't make fun of people in their acts, what happens to comedians everywhere? >> we don't know. and i cannot believe i actually got, you know, phone calls and e-mails and mother in laws are uniting or something like that, with the comics they're like, they don't want to be in their, in the comedian's act.
7:57 am
>> gosh, think of every-- the whole point of comedy is this exact point. i remember the kathy griffin episode of seinfeld on stage making fun of jerry the devil. the whole episode, he can't sue her, he has to take it in stride. >> well, the mother in laws are not taking it in stride anymore and good willing i'll be a mother-in-law at least i'll have a comeback. >> will you update us and see where your mother-in-law stands. >> in i'm not locked up. >> and i would never make fun of my mother-in-law. >> never. >> let's go to alisyn, aly would never make fun of her mother-in-law. >> i love my mother-in-law, she's watching, but i really do love her. in the meantime coming up in the show new details for you this morning in the shocking case of jaycee dugard and a first look at what the living conditions were like for her these past 18 years. then, on a lighter note, the housing market seems to be on the upswing. has it finally bottomed out?
7:58 am
and will things start to pick up? we say experts who say not so fast. this isn't as good a sign as you might think. but how you can still cash in. all that on "fox & friends" when we come right back. insuring your family's "ifs" can be confusing. so metlife removed the guesswork. combining two essential insurances... term life and disability... in one affordable package. start building your safety net with our term life and disability tool at
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for information, treatment referral... and most importantly... help, tdd: 800-487-4889. brought to you by the u.s. department of health and human services. it's what doctors recommend most for headaches. for arthritis pain... in your hands... knees... and back. for little bodies with fevers.. and big bodies on high blood pressure medicine. tylenol works with your body... in a way other pain relievers don't... so you feel better... knowing doctors recommend tylenol... more than any other brand of pain reliever. >> good morning everyone. it's sunday, august 30th. here is what's happening at this hour. there are new details this morning in the shocking case of jaycee dugard, a look
8:01 am
inside the sick mind of her kidnapper and the key figure now playing a central role in the investigation. >> and senator john mccain gets an earful at a town hall meeting from this man. >> i'm your employer, i'm your employer! you work for me and you've got a better health insurance plan than i've got! >> whoa. >> the man who gave senator mccain a piece of his mind is here, live on "fox & friends" and he's angry. >> yeah, no laughing out there. he's going to come yell at you. and tennis legend john mcenroe is here with predictions for the u.s. open. see if he can predict-- >> a piece of mice mind. >> whether it will rain or not. we'll hear if he can keep his cool one-on-one with dave. >> our slogan from kim in new jersey. >> i can't believe it's almost the end of summer, but at least watching "fox & friends," it's never a bummer. >> i agree. >> get out your sweaters.
8:02 am
>> "fox & friends" good morning, "fox & friends." >> good morning "fox & friends." >> the call center. our pledge drive. >> when you pledge to "fox & friends" you not only get this fantastic tote bag, you also get alisyn come rat at that, dave briggs and clayton morris. >> what a good deal. >> you only get clayton morris if you have the $125 price. >> the gold contribution. >> the gold standard. >> i see an income generating idea for himself. >> and go man the phones. >> well, welcome to the show everybody. so much to talk about this morning, including the locher bee deal. there is new information this morning that the renal magra hee was released was not just compassion as was previously thought. there was actually an all deal with the u.k. we'll explain the details of it. >> unbelievable. also, a controversial, maybe a technique involving letting kids pick their own books that they read in school. so, forget about the classics,
8:03 am
guys, forget about ""to kill a mockingbird"" et cetera, kids with pick their books and the technique what you think. >> i kind of hate it. >> i love it. >> they deserve it go through what we went through. >> it's not just that i want to inflict pain. we'll get into that. here are the headlines. a commission investigating fraud in afghanistan's presidential election says it's now received more than 550 complaints. the commission says they are serious enough to affect jut comes at the polls if proven true. the most common complaints involve ballot box stuffing, partial election returns, show that president karzai has extended his lead, but is falling short of the 50% need today avoid a runoff. a former attorney for toyota is now accusing the auto maker of illegally withholding evidence in hundreds of rollover death cases. deem trust diller says that toyota is involved in quote, a
8:04 am
ruthless conspiracy of keep evidence of the structural shortcomings from becoming known and diller says the complaints about the company's legal misconduct cost him his job. toyota calls the charges inaccurate and misleading. health experts are warping about high doses of folic acid and say it can exacerbate certain cancers. pregnant moms have told tho double the amount, and spina bifida is down. the rest of us need to eat our spinach. great source of folic acid. discovery's crew of seven astronauts is delivering equipment for a new bedroom, a treadmill, food and other supplies. and will also be dropping off the newest members. space station team. astronaut nicole stout who will be taking over from engineer tim copra. he will return to earth after discovery's mission. all right. we also have a severe weather alert for you right now
8:05 am
because there's a category 3 hurricane gaining speed in the pacific. janice is here to tell us all about it. >> it's been a busy season in the pacific and we're watching the atlantic. tropical storm danny is out of the way, a remnant low across the atlantic, but we're watching this wave a thousand miles east of the antilles, that could be our next named storm. erica, perhaps, we will have to monitor that. as alisyn mentioned though, a big deal across the jimena is 153 miles per hour sustained wind and forecast to become a category 4. you can see well tee fined eye and buzz saw look that we look for when we're looking at the, you know, what the hurricanes really should look like at a category 3 strength or higher and then we also have a tropical storm kevin, which won't affect land, but jimena could affect baja, california in the next several days, maybe a category 4 storm, something to watch. satellite radar composite. canny out of the way, we're
8:06 am
looking out for a very nice day across the northeast, a nice week across the northeast and we have a bit of shower and thunderstorm activity across the southern plains with that trailing cold front. that's a look at your weather, we will have more coming up at the bottom of the hour, back to you, dave. >> good deal, thank you so much, janice. we've been keeping track of the new details in the bez sar kidnapping case of jaycee dugard. questions are flooding in how the kidnappers compound remained undiscovered so long. >> ralph hernandez is a police officers and private investigator. he joins us to talk about it. >> good morning. >> you have a unique set of circumstances here because a year ago fphillip garrido brought you into his home, hired you, correct, as a private investigator and you went to his house. is that right? >> yes, yes, that's correct. and this was on february the 1st, 2008. >> and what did you learn when you met with him.
8:07 am
first of all, i have to ask you why, why in the world did he hire you? and secondly, what was it like to first meet this man? what were your impressions of him? >> well, he hired me, he looked me up in the phone bo book. he told me that he needed an investigator and found my ad in the phone book and he said he need add investigator to verify some documents, some declarations from a half dozen people and my impression of him of course, this is a first time that he had ever known him or met him in person, february 1st, 2008, my impression was that he had some kind of gel oal in mind he did verballize to me, trying to start a church and also to promote some device that he had created or he had improved upon and he needed this as part of that process to take to a lawyer to finalize the
8:08 am
device and so he needed an independent verification of those declarations. >> now-- >> sorry, he's bragged about that device on a blog very creepy stuff, says it can control the mind. can you tell us also what you saw though. we've seen some frightening photos of the inside of these tents that were going on in the back of the yard. did you see this the tents and hidden complexes in the back and what did you see in the home? >> no, the only areas that i covered within or was in his property was the front yard area, as well as going into the home to the right, as you enter, his living room. which is where i sat down with him for about a half hour to negotiate what it was that he wanted. he did sign a contract with me for a very, very minimal amount of money. and show you the documents and all. and never had the opportunity to go to the other rooms or the back yard or anything like that. >> ralph, do you now believe that you saw jaycee while you
8:09 am
were there? you, i believe, saw a young woman? >> well, there is that possibili possibility. phillip garrido, he introduced a woman that he identified as his wife, which i do recognize now by the photographs in the news media and a young lady came in with her into the living room where i was talking to phillip, reviewing documents. my best estimate right now is that about 15, 20 years of age. whether or not it was stacy or not, i really don't know. i think she can answer that. however, he did say that it was either his daughter or that it was a friend of his daughter's, introducing the young lady. this was only about a ten second contact with them, really, it was just like hello, goodbye. >> and did it seem, ralph, when you saw her and she was moved quickly, was there any
8:10 am
sort of nervousness that appeared on his face or seem completely calm with the situation, try to shuttle her out of the room or the area so you wouldn't ask any further questions? >> no, in fact, it's something that i've encountered in a lot of cases where i have either personally in my own family home or gone to some other people's homes for business, two people enter or a person enters, where you're trying to conduct business. they make a quicken tri, a quick exit. nothing out of the ordinary, just a very common, they came in, they left within about ten secon seconds. >> well, ralph hernandez, you have insight into this that not everyone does. thanks for coming on this morning to share it with us. >> thank you, thank you. >> creepy. >> it is. >> creep ky stuff because it sound like ralph met one of the daughters, one of the 15 year oedz. one of jaycee's daughter she
8:11 am
may have given birth when she was as young ago 14 years old. >> let's turn to the lockerbie bomber case, he is living at home in libya. it might outrage you why he was released so many wondered why the man behind the deaths of 270 people, and nearly 190 americans, well, turns out there may have been oil at the heart this have debate, simple, 24 billion dollar oil contract seemed to be the heart of what this was all about with the u.k. >> yeah, and in the weeks before this release, there were some questions already and some fissures in the story coming out from the british government. why was this oil deal held up? there were problems with libya. now it's between the united kingdom and libya and there were some problems with the oil deal not worked out, hit a roadblock, basically up against the wall and then the deal gets worked out for the release of , and oil deal goes through. >> this information is coming from the london times, saying
8:12 am
that the source are the leaked ministerial letters that show as clayton just said shall it was stalled, it was stalled, it was stalled. once they agreed to let him out, suddenly, that billion, billions of dollars worth for this oil exploration deal went through of course, begs the question, who side are the british on? the british are the key allies and this is one person who was responsible, who was convicted for the lockerbie bombing, where so many americans died. so, the fact that they would make this deal. obviously, we know, money, i guess is-- >> money talks. >> money talks, money is the motivation for everything, but that they would stand the ire of the united states is interesting. >> it's in writing now and overwhelming interest of the united kingdom to make him part this have deal. unbelievable what has been leaked in the letter. can't imagine the victim's families, and the 270 people killed that they know now, it
8:13 am
was about money, about oil. disgraceful. >> well, coming up on the show, senator john mccain heckled at his own town hall meeting. take a listen. >> ma'am, you're going to have to didd to-- you're going to have to stop or you're going to have to leave. you're going to have to stop or going to have to leave. this woman right there. please. goodbye. see ya. >> she was thrown out and that wasn't all. the man who challenged senator mccain on health care reform wasn't thrown out. he had an interesting point. and then tennis legend john mcenroe is here. he tells us about his special new cause and he hopefully won't use much profanity. >> or, is that spandex? >> you cannot be serious. ♪ imodium multi-symptom relief
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>> welcome back here to "fox & friends". 16 minutes past the hour. senator john mccain has joined the growing list of senators and congress to hold a series of health care town halls.
8:17 am
some might say they're being flushed down the toilet and like the others, he's been met with some heated questions. take a listen. >> my name is fred, why don't i have the health insurance that you've got because i'm paying for it and i'm paying for the president of the united states' health insurance and congress's health insurancement why don't i have that? i'm your employer! i'm your employer! you work for me and you've got a better health insurance plan than i've got! >> you're exactly right. that's why i want to make health care insurance available affordable to you, sir. >> why don't i have that? joining us is the man who asked that question. joining us now, good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. >> were you satisfied with the senator's response to your question, why do i not have the same health care plan that our government officials do, the ones that we employ? were you satisfied with his response? >> no of course not. it was a vague response. >> okay. what more did you want to hear
8:18 am
from the senator? >> i wanted exactly-- i wanted exactly to know exactly what his health plan was and what it entailed and i'd like to see that posted on the internet, so all americans can see what we're paying for. >> now, of course, the point that you were making is that taxpayers are paying for their health plan and yet, we go from job to job, you've worked in many white collar, blue collar jobs, security officers, property appraiser. have you ever enjoyed the level of health care that senator mccain enjoyed or other members of congress enjoyed. >> no, no, mainly because i've-- most of the american public don't know exactly what their health care entails. >> right. and you, as a former member of the republican party, you're a voting member of the republican party. you've nen switched to the independent party. do you believe that either party has a solution for this problem? >> no, most parties-- most parties, democratic party and the republican party, they
8:19 am
talk the talk, but they don't walk the walk. >> and one of things that senator john mccain wants as opposed to what president obama does, which is a government-run portion of this plan. senator john mccain has said he does not support a government-run option in this pl plan, but would allow people to go across state lines, which they currently can't do to contrast and compare health plans do you support that. >> i want his health care plan since i'm paying to it. i want what he has. >> where we we get the money, will taxpayers fund that? >> well, the taxpayers are already funding what the president obama has and members of congress and high bureaucratic officials have and federal employees have, the taxpayers are already funding that. >> all right. we proo appreciate you joining us this morning, the town ha hall, the town hauler who confronted senator mccain on his wednesday town hall.
8:20 am
thanks for joining us this morning. >> you're welcome. >> well, coming up here on "fox & friends," kidnapped and held captive for 18 years, this morning, new reports of jaycee dugard worked for her kidnapper's printing business and even spoke with customers. why didn't she try to escape. and did authorities drop the ball when they had the chance? our expert panel weighs in coming up next. that's a-- tiny netbook. yeah, it's-- good-looking, lightweight. generally awesome. and you could just-- go online, video-chat with my cousin. this is un-- under $200. are you some kind of-- mind reader, visionary ? no, i have them. huh. the new lightweight hp mini netbook with windows and america's largest and most-reliable 3g network built in. only 199.99 with mobile broadband plans from 39.99 i am-- speechless, envious. wanna be me right now. getting one.
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shopping less and saving more. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> i don't know loved him. she was definitely bonded to him after 18 years and they're attached to them. that's the part of this, the two girls their dad, they would automatically, they are attached to him. >> and that must also sicken you. >> yeah, that hurts, but what are you going to do. we could debrief her and take years. it's sensitive. i asked my wife and she says she's taking it minute by
8:24 am
minute. >> that was jaycee dugard's stepfather, she was snatched 18 years ago and now reunited with her family. how could she have been kept calf captive so long. >> dr. ablo is a forensic psychology. boy, oh, boy, have i been waiting to talk to you about this case. doctor, for 18 years jaycee was a prisoner of the depraved madman and she was not shackled. it turns out she left this little creepy compound, and furthermore, he, the madman, was in prison for four months of her captivity. why didn't she ever tell anyone who she really was? >> alisyn, you know, shackles can be physical, or they can be mental. and if you're 11 and you're snatched off the street and your world dissolves, you don't believe that anything is necessarily predictable in
8:25 am
your life, except the power of your captor, and as time goes on, and you rely on him for everything, remember, the first sexual experiences, sadly, were almost certainly with this man. she gave birth to his children, she relied on him for food and clothing, if the tent leaked he was the one who fixed it so her mind in order to safeguard itself from having to think every moment of every day of every month that her life was literally at risk, the mind shuts down and says, i'm with this guy, he has absolute power, we are aligned, i'm with him. >> ernie, we all know the horrible statistics that most abducted children don't make it past 72 hours alive. but, lately, there have been some incredible exceptions, i'm thinking of elizabeth smart, shaun hornbeck, jaycee dugard. do you think there are other kids out there still alive? >> alisyn, i absolutely do.
8:26 am
the justice department data tell us that about 35% of the victims of these most serious child abductions are murdered. that means most of these kids are not. they're victimized in horrendous ways, but we absolutely believe there are more of these long-term child abductions victims out there and are recoverable. >> dr. ablow, after 18 years of captivity m in the conditions you've just described. how will jaycee function now? what kind of therapy can deprogram her? >> well, you know what, she's going to have to be done very slowly. there has to be a therapeutic alliance built between her and a therapist very real, one or more therapists and for her children, a strategic psycho the therapeutic team that can gently urge her to what
8:27 am
happened to her, the horrors she's buried in her mind in favor of part of a fantasy life that she's a part this have man's life and valued part and she's going to encourage her to face that and terrors and that's a complicated road. we can't predict great success for her in terms of really adjusting to normal life, but there's a shed of hope, a shred of hope. >> ernie allen, from the center for missing and exploited children, dr. ablow, thank you for talking about this. >> thank you, alisyn. >> on a lighter note, are things picking up in the housing market, why things could be turning around and how you can cash in coming up. and students getting a new assignment. no required reading. you can pick the books that you like instead. is this the future of reading for our children? clayton loves it, i hate it. we'll debate. ♪ . (announcer) time brings new wisdom
8:28 am
new aches and pains, ...and new questions about which pain reliever is right for your body. tylenol 8 hour works with your body, with one layer that dissolves quickly... layer that lasts all day ...and no layers that irritate your stomach the way that ibuprofen can. it's tough on your body pain. not on your body. and unlock the freshness of the outdoors... for your indoor cat... fueling an exhilarating adventure. each entrée is bursting with high-quality protein plus wholesome grain and garden greens. specially formulated to promote hairball control ...and healthy weight. friskies indoor wet cat food. feed the senses. now turn treat time into party time with friskies party mix cat treats. get the party started!
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8:30 am
8:31 am
>> all right. welcome back here is your shot of the morning. congratulations. >> congratulations. >> congratulations to julie banderas, she did not marry rick mike muth nor domenica davis. that's intriguing. julie got married last night in new york and andrew-- >> is that eric bowling off to the right. >> look how beautiful, beautiful julie looks, wow. >> yes, and you know, domenica, rick, partying all night. that means janice dean the weather machine gets up early and has to come in and cover for rick, you know? i mean, congratulations to julie and-- >> and the covering the party. >> an invitation, got lost in the mail. that always happens, it always happens that way. you've got to check with the post office about that. >> yeah. >> and in the meantime, very
8:32 am
serious weather to tell you about, there's a serious weather alert brewing, what are we looking at? >> we're looking at jimena. and the national weather service is watching a tropical wave, a hypo tension for this to develop into a depression the next couple of days, if it's a storm its name will be erica. all eyes on that system across the atlantic. things have been happening all seen long. we have tropical storm kevin, not really going to affect land, but this one, look at this storm. that's hurricane jimena. a category three storm and looks like it's strengthening. a well defined eye and look at the colder cloud tops. this storm could actually become a category 4, in the next 12 to 24 hours, lots of warm deep ocean water to work with and my monday, category 4, 145 miles per hour sus
8:33 am
san stained winds and all of the beautiful beach resorts as may be a major category 3 and something we will have to watch certainly in the days to come. our other big story today is the wildfire danger and can you believe it's going to be 98 degrees out just north of los angeles. the api angeles national forest where firefighters continue to battle acres of burning land and low humidity and breezy conditions. on the flip side of things, cold air invading the upper midwest and the great lakes. international falls 33 degrees there. 50 in minneapolis, 53 in chicago. 46 in green bay. and the cold air mass will sink as far south as atlanta gore if an in the days to come. that's something to look forward to if you're sick of the heat. danny from yesterday out of there. it's going to be a really nice work week across the northeast, we have a trailing
8:34 am
cold front that could bring showers and/or thunderstorms across texas and the southeast and towards the four corners regions we could see some showers and/or thunderstorms and a good look at the showers and thunderstorms moving into minnesota and alabama and the four corners regions, upper level low across the northwest and that could give us gusty wind for the interior sections of the west and again, we're talking about those wildfires, that's not going to help firefighters, not good news out there and no moisture along the southwest coast. back to you guys. >> thanks so much, janice. great to have you with us this morning. >> nice to be here. >> now, the story i've been waiting for. i think we've been waiting for the story, a new trend is unfolding down in georgia-- >> the georgia. >> like the congo. like going to the target. >> and my sister lives in this neck of the woods and i think she might be on board, a former teacher, students, allowing students to pick the books they want to read as
8:35 am
part of the curricula instead of allowing what the school picks and mandates. for instance, "to kill a mockingbird," catcher"catcher i rye," war and peace "of mice and men". >> do you agree with in? >> i hate this idea, i think it's ridiculous idea. it's not just outside of atlanta that's considering allowing 8th graders to pick their own reading list. it's chicago schools. >> seattle. >> new york schools are doing this. this means the kids will have a steady diet of hair i potter and that's it. they won't read the classics. >> or the vampire ones. >> twilight. >> twilight. >> he read captain underpants. that's a cometic books. >> and james patterson they're reading. >> come on! >> the classics they need to read it. i don't look back on those times as dregg dreading the classics. i enjoyed the books and how is it going to further their education to read more and more vampire books.
8:36 am
>> how is it going to hurt their education? >> i think it's important to read the classics because then we all have a collective memory of watershed down or a separate-- >> who cares? >> or flankery o'connor. >> and here is my side, you know i love to read and try to read at least one a week, but i didn't have an appreciation of those books until i was older. when i was reading them in high school, i was like oh-- i didn't become a voracious reader until college i was reading a lot. to read books that got me into reading in high school when i'd come home want to read the books that were interesting to me. why not allow them to get into the mode and then find out-- >> you can still do extracurricular reading. >> who wants to do that? >> if i would have left my own devices i would have read only judy blume throughout 7th and 8th grade. >> what's wrong with that? >> we did that at home, in addition at home. for school there's an institutional learning foundation we share, we've all
8:37 am
read the same book and that's important. >> critic said you need a common foundation for teaching. let us know what you think, on the e-mail, twitter shall the blog wore're all over the place. i'm 50-50, need some of their own choice and some classics. >> it's a catch 22. get it? >> well done. a new poll out from skt rahs moosen and a majority of americans think that alcohol is in fact more dangerous than smoking marijuana, that comes with california considering taxing it and legalizing it, 51% of people say, yes, alcohol more dangerous than marijuana. fascinating, you guys. >> i'm not surprised by this at all. you think most the time that studies have shown, we've done the studies over the years that show that people are smoking pot are typically not on the road, are typically at home. >> eating a pepperoni pizza. >> and a bag of chips. they're going to sleep. not at lot a people, but a lot
8:38 am
of people get behind the wheel of a car drinking alcohol. >> i would have thought the same thing until a couple of weeks ago. since that crash where the mom in the mini-van crashed and killed many people, they found it in her system. something must have happened that day, i'm speculating, but what i've thought she must have gotten a bad batch or something, pot that made her then consume an entire bottle of vodka, which was found in her system. because she wasn't known to drink. so ever since then i've thought that there is something very dangerous about driving and pot smoking and even. >> sure. >> pot smoking anytime. like my thinking has changed on this and most young people are the thing that think that booze is more dangerous. >> and they say men 2-1 say that pot is riskier. this is interesting because again, california is considering legalizing it, and
8:39 am
colorado may lower the fines for possession to $1. certainly in the news. and you're saying your thoughts to fox and >> a lot of people are excited about the housing numbers, time to buy a home or wait until it bottoms out. sales of new homes jumped up almost 10%. what does it mean for the housing market? joining us the host of hdtv, and goshing, kendra. >> good morning go. >> so the real question, are we at the bottom of the market. should people be rushing out to buy a home? >> i think now is a really great time to go out and buy a home and really, these numbers at that we're seeing, they're positive over the short-term, but they are pretty artificial increases in sales volume because they're fueled mainly by this $8,000 tax credit. so, the majority of the traffic we're seeing in the new sales centers for homes is
8:40 am
driven by first time home buyers. you have to keep in mine though that the tax incentives is going to expire on november 30th, and after that, we're going to start to see some declines again in the market and we're not going to actually see stabilization and recovery until we get some job growth. and, if the government sides whether or not they're actually going to extend the incentives. >> right. so, some would hold this to sort after u-curve and we flattened that and are on the way back up and you suggest otherwise there is a big crash on the way, when and why? >> well, there's not a big crash on the way. i mean, a lot of economists think that we are going to be in a v-shaped recovery or an l-shaped recovery. when it comes to new homes, i think it's more of what is a w-shaped recovery, we're starting to see this trend of an increase in build prices, but after november, it's going to drop again, but not too much more. i really want to shed some positive light here. i think that come next summer,
8:41 am
2010, we'll start to be on the long road to recovery, so, i want to encourage people to get out there and get homes while they're still affordable. >> yeah, you know, just to have real boots on the ground. my father is a real estate agent in ring, pennsylvania, for the first time in a while he's seeing an up tick with people trying to buy homes and they're all aflutter receipt now within the real estate offices whether or not this tax credit is going to be extended because they are hearing rumors and i'm not sure where the rumors are coming from, i don't know what you're hearing, this thing may go above $8,000 if congress extends it. maybe as high as $15,000. what are you hearing about that? >> i've heard the exact same thing, but it's just that, a rumor. we won't know anything for a little while, but i think it's important to keep in mind that even if they do, you know, increase this incentive, what they're doing is they're banking on future buyers. they're pulling buyers forward into the market today and if that's what's creating this artificial inflation in the values and in the prices. so, we just need to keep in
8:42 am
mind that this party will end one day. we can't stall the drop for too long, it's going to have to hit its bottom on its own and then make that recovery naturally. >> all right. kendra todd, real estate expert and host of hdtv's my house is worth what. thanks for joining us, kendra. >> thanks, kendra. it drove up sales at dealerships, but some car buyers who traded in their clunkers still don't have a new set of wheels. why not? >> well, tennis legend john mcenroe is here. why he thinks that roger federer needs to stop crying. you cannot be serious. mcenroe next. (announcer) before they give you the lowest price,
8:43 am
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what will you get back with your cash back? it pays to discover. >> all right. 45 minutes past the hour. time for news by the numbers. first up, 333 million dollars, that's how much the winning tith was for in the mega millions. holy cow. there were two winners, one in the bronx in new york, and another in san gabrielle, california. the two winners will split that massive prize. next up, a substantial five figure sum, how much supermodel el mcpherson is being offered to designer dog fashion.
8:46 am
are you kidding me? bella the dog's name, featured on billboards throughout britain. finally, thousand how much white glove wearing michael jackson fans in mexico gathered for the most people dancing to thriller simultaneously record, with the pop star's birthday yesterday and world will decide whether the feat was accomplished. nice daps, guy. >> kind of a spider-man outfit there. >> and all right, she might have thought she was getting the deal after lifetime, when peggy traded in her clunker, she got nothing in return. over a month later, the material has not made good on her insurance. and now she doesn't have a car that she can own. >> peggy joins us from louisville, kentucky. >> hi. >> on july 20th you drove into your dealership with your clunker, a gmc sierra. what kind of car had you
8:47 am
decided on? >> we decided on a ford focus. >> you put $1500 down and 500 to hold the car and then what happened? >> well weeks actually put down $7,900 of our money by personal check and financed $7,000 through ford credit. >> and so, this morning, which is what's the date today? >> august the 30thments the 30th. >> thanks, peggy. >> thanks for that, i wish i had my calendar out. you still don't have a car, it's been over a month now and what have you been told? you still don't have a car, what are you driving? >> well, we have two cars. we have a yukon and we have the pickup truck. so, we're letting the pickup truck sit in the driveway and we really don't want to take a chance of driving that because if it's not drivable, then, it's no longer qualify for the rebate. >> okay, peggy hold on a second as you said you put down $7900. why couldn't you just drive off the lot with your new car from ford? >> well, at first, they said
8:48 am
that the teal had to be put into the government's computer. >> oh. >> and once it was approved, we could have the car. but as of now, according to our dealership, the car has not been-- my clunker has not been approved. >> here is what really gets my goat, peggy, i feel for you, you've already paid for this. >> right. >> not only that, but you're getting bills for the financing on the car that you don't even have yet, is that right? >> that is correct. september the 10th will be our first payment on the car. >> and you're paying insurance? >> yes, paying insurance on both, the clunker and the new ford focus. >> when do they say you're going to get this car the new one? >> they said as soon as it was approved and went through the computer system of the federal government, although there was an article written by jerry downs of the courier journal, where she interviewed the dealership and they are saying that we cannot have our car
8:49 am
until they actually receive the funds from the government. >> so, the dealership is waiting on the funds for the government, you're waiting on the dealership to make sure it goes through the computer system, in the meantime, you received a questionnaire in the mail from ford. >> yes, i did, they wanted to know. >> what did that ask? >> they wanted to know how i liked my new ford focusments how did you fill that one out? >> well, a lot of na's, not applicable, i don't have the car so i have no idea how well i'm going to like it. >> unbelievable. >> well, peggy, this is a pickle and i guess, a great example of what happens when you get lost in the government comput computer. >> true. >> yeah, and the morras of big programs. peggy good luck. >> thank you. >> did they file your taxes, they want your income during tax season, that computer works. >> they usually goes through pretty quick vent. >> amazing, peggy, thank you
8:50 am
for joining us, let us know when the car comes in. >> thank you. >> kalid shaikh mohammed tipping off interrogators to the inner most secrets of al-qaeda. more details on that. and why eric holder is now wrong to start investigating the cia. >> one-on-one with tennis legend john mcenroe, his prediction for the u.s. open and new battle off the court after the break. (announcer) time brings new wisdom new aches and pains, ...and new questions about which pain reliever is right for your body. tylenol 8 hour works with your body, with one layer that dissolves quickly... layer that lasts all day ...and no layers that irritate your stomach the way that ibuprofen can. it's tough on your body pain. not on your body.
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8:53 am
>> he's one of the greatest tennis players of all time. in fact, the winner of 17 titles, singles titles. tennis legend john mcenroe. >> federer's got 15, i've got 17. >> if you count the doubles, federer doesn't do doubles. >> he wasn't in the olympics. >> he might have 40 if he did
8:54 am
doubles. >> you're saying 17 isn't that great. 17 is fantastic and you're one of the greatest players of all time. >> he's the greatest of all time, fair enough. >> and you have four u.s. open titles. >> yes. >> impressive and new york open starts tomorrow in new york and the tiger woods effect with him. everybody's watching what happens with roger. he just won the 15th. it downfall for here, emotional lightdown? >> i would think that it would have a letdown and you think he hasn't slept a lot and won the french, a sort of noose around his neck. then he braebs the record, has this incredible match with rot di rot-- roddic. he seems to love it so much. he won a tournament in cincinnati, which is not our biggest event, the guy looked like it was one of the first tournaments he ever won. >> tears coming down, right. >> he's crying again, it's getting too much. >> absent that emotion after matches though, it's not not a
8:55 am
sport packed with personality. you cannot be serious. >> with you and connors. we love the lives. people wonder where is the personality and passion from the stars of today. do you miss it? >> you're asking the right person because i do miss it and it seemed like when the likes of me, nas stazy, connors, they tried to tighten the rules, the inmates running the asylum and i think they went too far. even the stiffs that run our sports recognize they've got to loosen it up, it's a one-on-one game, you want to see emotion and personality. i think we're on the upsweep. i know you're not just busy with the u.s. open. you're busy with prostate cancer awareness, this is prostate cancer awareness month. your dad was diagnosed, he's a survivor. what is the message to men out there? >> the message basically is that guys are reluctant to go to their doctor in general, i think. >> i know i am. >> you need the checkup. have you been tested?
8:56 am
had a prostate check? >> i have. >> that's good. for me and my father a relative likely more to happen. when i started they were looking for 50-year-old guys and when you get a check. now the american neurological situation says it's 40 you should go out there so we want to be proactive instead of reactive, i like to live a healthy life style out there playing tennis and don't want to see kids sitting around or older people i think you get more sedentary ap the least you can do is get a psa test or get a checkup and be a little bit more self-assured, have your options. if you think about it, one out of six guys get cancer. >> right. >>, but it's preventible, early detection, very preventible. we need to get ourselves off our rear ends more. and i normally do the interview stamping up. >> and that's an interesting idea. i have to ask you about something, you've seen the town hall meetings across the country about health care whether people are standing up, they're angry, emotional. i thought to myself, a little
8:57 am
like john mcenroe played tennis. can you relate to the folks just trying to express themselves, but are labeled as gangs and thugs and things of that nature? >> a great question, it's a little different, i think. i mean, this is an extremely important issue, i was playing a tennis match and said to my kids if the worst thing i did, seen me on youtube cursing at an umpire, i'm not that bad. you're talking life and death. >> you might surprise people. you actually watch a little of the o'reilly factor, can you give me a bill o'reilly impression and the camera over here. >> pinhead of the day is dave over here. >> oh. >> no, no, no, you're a patriot for having me on and you're a pinhead. >> can you give that finger. >> because it stops here. yeah, the spin stops here, here is a look and what is it, here is looking at you. and i feel like i could learn a lot. he's great at what he does. >> really, and john mcenroe we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> calling the open tomorrow
8:58 am
and go out and get checked, guys, for prostate cancer. >> i will do that, in fact, i'll do that for the next hour of the show. first on the show, she wasn't just bernie madoff's victim, this woman was also his mistress, more unbelievable secrets revealed about the biggest financial scammer in history with our next guest coming up. >> plus, a new way to stay close to your children for the rest of your life. even when they're teenagers, even when they're adults. we'll have the experts to explain coming up. explain coming up. and go for that prostate exam. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. (announcer) what are you going to miss when you have an allergy attack? achoo! (announcer) benadryl is more effective than claritin at relieving your worst symptoms. and works when you need it most. benadryl. you can't pause life.
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start their business and launch their dreams. go to today and make your business dream a reality. at we put the law on your side. and make your busines captioning by,ty. closed captioning services, inc. >> alisyn: good morning, sunday, august 30th and we begin with a stunning report out of washington. khalid sheikh mohammed the mastermind behind 9/11 is called the cia's preeminent source on al qaeda. and does it prove harsh interrogation tactics keep us safe? we report, this morning, you decide. >> dave: the crash in the house maeshgz may be hurting americans all over the country, but not executives at aig. nope, why some of the company's employees are getting full asking price and even more for their homes using your taxpayer dollars. >> clayton: she calls herself bernie madoff's other secret, the woman who claims she was his
9:02 am
mistress shares details with their relationship, and our slogan sums from alisyn camerota -- no, i wrote in because my falcons are going all the way and i love fox and friends weekend to start my day. thanks, aly! >> good morning you are watching "fox & friends" -- not! >> clayton: nice. >> dave: who is that! >> clayton: that was... hey, good morning, everybody, welcome to fox and friends, i'm clayton morris, alisyn camerota and the lovely and talented dave briggs. >> dave: coming up, the latest developments in the jaycee dugard did napping case, what was going on behind the scenes and what she was doing, working for the man who kidnapped her, that and much more, a live rart coming up. >> clayton: and also, the vacation dream alisyn always
9:03 am
wanted, go to a resort and we'll pay you $300 in credit if you get pregnant while are there. >> alisyn: pro creation vacation, how you can cash in on that and having a child. >> dave: teach them how to... right! >> dave: it will be a very visual show. >> clayton: we'll tell you, you have been weighing in on that, and we'll talk about that. >> alisyn: aig outrage, this morning. honestly, it is funny, this is our aig outrage day, apparently, we -- >> dave: it has been a while. >> alisyn: this is really shocking. lots of companies have a deal whereby if you relocate, say, the company is moving you to another city, and you have to sell your house for less than you bought it for, they'll pay the difference and the aig deal, they had the same deal with their employees, but, if news reports are to be bleached, they
9:04 am
will actually pay the difference between your asking price and what you actually get for your house, so can put your house on the market, for some sort of inflated number and they'll pay this difference, and -- with taxpayers' money. >> dave: one of the examples "the new york post" cited in the story, shocked me, one employee they hired away, a good move and guarantee, the $30,000 perk. sold their home for $620,000. and that is $100,000 more than he bought it for. this employee made money on the home, and they still, aig, paid them that 30 grand on top of it because it came up short of the appraised value. not just of the asking price, but all they had to do was get an appraiser to say this is what your home is worth and we didn't get it, give us 30 grand of taxpayer dollars. >> clayton: and on top of it is the taxpayer issue, as taxpayers
9:05 am
we own an 80% stake in the company. so, in fact, taxpayers are paying for him to make more than the market value of his house, above and beyond what he should have been making and aig was asked to respond, and they had this to say, hears their statement from aig: a common industry practice, to make sure we can attract and maintain talented people to ensure we can maintain the vie ability of our business that will drive our ability to repay the taxpayers. so, that is -- that doesn't really answer the question. which is why would the 30,000 go above and beyond the market value appraisal. >> dave: and that would be a fair practice as you read the statement and don't want to hire away people and have them lose money on a home and when the people are making money on a home and are paying them that is where i think the problem comes in and i understand, you don't want to hire away someone and have them lose minings lost a lot of money on my home and would have been nice have someone pick that up. >> alisyn: let's remember the ultimate irony, aig helped cause
9:06 am
the housing crisis and they are the people who -- everybody who is facing foreclosure, so many people lost their homes and their homes have gone down in value and you don't have this same perk. that aig is offering to its employees, and then, the taxpayers are funding the difference. i mean, it is really pretty astounding. >> clayton: all of these bad, toxic assets on the books and going forward, the same thing all of these, you know, financial whizes were saying, watch out for the toxic assets and you still have all of these things, bungled out there and most people in congress don't understand. and they are still out there. >> dave: yikes. >> alisyn: what is happening at this hour... we have an update for you on the stories we have been telling you and that is british justice minister jack straw now confirmed that he had tried and failed to keep the lockerbie bomber abdel basset mohamed al-megrahi out of the deal to send libyan convicts back to libya for favorable oil
9:07 am
contracts. and said the concession is relevant to abdel basset mohamed al-megrahi, because he has terminal cancer and he is responding to allegations that his government, the british, allowed abdel basset mohamed al-megrahi's release in order to clear the way for a british oil company to win exploration rights in libya. you remember this incident that happened to former president bush. >> incredible reflexes and that journalist is released from jail because of good behavior, he has been in custody since december 14th, and then president bush was holding a news conference with prime minister nouri al-maliki and he was sentenced to three years in prison after pleading not guilty and the court reduced to it one year because he had no criminal record. barney frank the chairman of the house financial service committee says he wants to restrict the federal reserve to
9:08 am
emergency lending powers, and the -- subject the central bank to a complete audit and it will be used to crack open the central bank's books, more widely, but, in a way that will not encroach on central bank's monetary policy independence. frank says the house will pass the bill this fall. the autopsy of celebrity disc jockey dj-am is inconclusive, and now more tests are planned including toxicology tests and we are learning about the last time he was -- 1:00 a.m. on friday, when he sent a text message to two buddies planning a trip to las vegas. and he was found dead with a crack pipe, police say and a half empty bag of crack cocaine. in his sweatpants according to reports and dj-am was just 36 years old and this is a sad story, he was clean for a long time and i think it was almost exactly a year ago, the plane crash, and... >> right here. >> alisyn: his plane crashed and they say that is when he started
9:09 am
take painkillers again in the after math of the class. >> clayton: with travis barker from blink 128. >> when you take the painkillers, it is a gateway. >> clayton: he was in a plane crash with travis barker of blink-182 and he was close friend and had to recover after that and let's check in with janet dean in for a recovering rick reichmuth. >> recovering, you know more than i know. >> clayton: this just? >> a couple oftropic things, hurricane, category-3, 115 sustained minds, and that is impressive and tropical storm... gosh. kevin! kevin, i think, i'm losing track. there is himena and kevin and air -- i knew it would happen,
9:10 am
the atlantic hurricanes and the pacific i have to remember and no attempt prompter. >> dave: dave, aly and clayton. >> we are watching hemena, and category-3, hurricane, and it is expected to make landfall or close to landfall, across baja california and this could be, a yeah in the atlantic, national hurricane center is watching very very, careful, guys, and also, the big -- other big story we are watching this is wildfires, across california. southern california, temperatures over 100 degrees, just going to be fuel for the fire, for the firefighters out there. back to you. >> clayton: thank you, jane. >> you're welcome. >> alisyn: checking e-mails on aprocreation vacation. >> clayton: in aruba, if you want to go there, the western resort offering, get this, a classic package. >> chris: -- $399 a night for
9:11 am
two and here's one caveat, though, you have to prove that you got pregnant. >> alisyn: conceived a child. >> clayton: while you were on vacation at their hotel, you have to i guess show a doctor's note to prove that you got pregnant. >> dave: because that particular deal is just -- just available to all of us, and you can get a $300 credit towards a future visit as the aruba western and you have a doctor as note that shows you got pregnant around the time of the westin you get yourself 300 fords a future visit. where was this about five years ago! >> alisyn: it's not too late! you can still go there and have another child! >> dave: they'd have to give me more than 300 bucks in that case. >> clayton: tracy writes, this happened to me! i can't believe it. i got pregnant with my daughter there, eight years ago. >> alisyn: oh, my gosh! >> clayton: i wonder if there is a statute of limitations. >> she could be grandfathered in. bring the with soit.
9:12 am
>> clayton: and the baby. >> clayton: rachel says $300 is not enough money to compel me to go and get a baby. >> alisyn: yeah, right. >> dave: go and get a baby! >> alisyn: i good point, as we have said, raising a child is hundreds of thousands of dollars and $300 is chump change and i believe, dave could be a candidate. >> clayton: clayton morris on twitter, i love your responses coming in, keep 'em shootin in. >> dave: coming up, 9/11 mastermind, khalid sheikh mohammed now a key asset for the cia, do you believe it, maybe those harsh interrogation tactics do work, a former operative in the agency's unit about that. >> alisyn: 76 fugitives busted, in two days. how did police do it? wait until you hear about how they promised them stimulus
9:13 am
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9:16 am
>> welcome back to fox friends, khalid sheikh mohammed, you know the photos well, the self-professed mastermind of the 9/11 attacks resisted giving up information until, that. >> chris: he was subjected to harsh interrogation techniques well, are learning, like water boarding and does it prove attorney general eric holder is wrong to invest gait the cia? i'm joined by a senior fellow at the foundation for the defensive democracy and a former operative in the cia's clandestine service. good morning. >> good morning. >> clayton: i'll ask the question, has the attorney general undermined what the cia is able to do now, by pushing through and forcing these investigations? >> well, i think it is fair to say he certainly hasn't helped it. i mean, i think any officer inside of the agency who would
9:17 am
volunteer to become an interrogator against an al-qaeda target would have to be insane. i don't think they will want to subject themselves to the risk of prosecution in the future. >> clayton: what you are saying, we can do role playing, i'm a junior officer in the cia and i come in and have to investigate an alleged terror suspect, and because they -- there are attorneys, now, washing around and -- attorneys who might be nipping at my heels i might be less likely to move forward and push for harsh interrogation to uncover information that could protect the u.s.? >> well, you oouwouldn't have t option, once the president decided to enhance the interrogation techniques, since enhanced techniques are off limb and no officer would even suggest them as possibilities, so, that is really not the issue. the issue now, at least for the agency inside, is whether it's could even field a group of comp temperature interrogators and
9:18 am
would be unlikely anybody of any merit would want to join this profession. >> clayton: you know the vice president said, of course, in an intrf with chris wallace on -- interview with chris wallace said the harsh interrogation techniques have in fact saved american lives and let's listen to what the vice president said to chris wallace. >> we have a track record of eight years of defending the nation against any further mass casualty attacks of al qaeda. the approach of the obama administration should be to come to these people -- people involved in that policy, say how did you do it and what were the key things you did and instead they are out there now threatening to disbar the lawyers, that gaves this legal opinions and threatening, contrary to what the president, they would not investigate the cia operatives who carried out these interrogations. >> clayton: he said they would save lives but the former cia inspector general who carried
9:19 am
out the cia's only internal investigation, found nothing, couldn't find a conclusive agreement about the effectiveness of the particular interrogation techniques and couldn't find whether or not they worked, and does the vice president know something the cia inspector didn't know? >> no, i think what the vice president is doing, he's reviewed the agency material, the agency summaries that have been given to him and he's concluded that these techniques were effective, i mean, the information we have seen publicly, in the inspector general report which is highly redact and also in other memoranda, i think the evidence is slowly mounting that in fact it appears, certainly in the case of khalid sheikh mohammed, that the enhanced interrogation techniques made him very talk ti now, is it possible that if they used a kinder, more rapport-building approach the fbi likes, that that also could have worked? it is possible but i think it is
9:20 am
unlikely. this is a man who is a devout holy warrior and still want to be mattrtyred for the faith and would happily take someone's head off with a knife and i am suspicious the man would be in inclined over any period of time, would respond to a soft approach. >> clayton: a simple question, should president obama pardon the cism a investigators? >> well, i mean, if it goes died me, pardoning someone implies they were guilty in the first place. i mean, it would be better that he pardon them if in fact the prosecutor moves forward with cases, i think unless we find out some case officer truly engaged egregious behavior, something now we don't know, i would say certainly, the president should ensure no officer goes to jail because of this. >> clayton: appreciate you joining us this morning, thanks for your insights, we'll be right back. >> my pleasure. show and tell
9:21 am
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>> alisyn: parents, do your kids seem to be more in touch with their friends than you? how can you stay connected to your children. >> dave: we turn to psychotherapist ann halter of parenting is a contact sport. good morning, joanne. >> good morning, dave. >> dave: we are both parents and wanted to learn from you. you have tips and we'll break it down and the first one you say is communicate openly with your children. with in that, you say, even share with them things in your past. really, even the adventures and the trouble you may have gotten into, share it with your children. >> absolutely, because, your -- you are trying to create a safe haven for them, and model for them, how they can share with you. so, here's the deal, if you are not open to them, they will not be open with you, it is just that simple.
9:25 am
>> alisyn: what if you had risky behaviors in your past, like dave, for instance... and things that you don't want them doing. >> we all have a right to our private lives and should be careful how we share with our kids and you don't share with our kids, no, you keep the boundaries crisp and clear, but you wanted them to know who you are. how you think. you want them to know some of your adventures and if it teaches them to help stay out of the trap that you fell into share some of the mistakes. it creates an environment where they know you will not be afraid. >> dave: next tip, don't be afraid to discipline and give up control, the part i like about this is negotiation and is that okay, because my whole parenting existence, is because of negotiation. >> it is a terrific tip. yes. give up power and control, you know why because it doesn't work, as soon as they are old enough to figure it out, they
9:26 am
reb rebel, negotiations teaches them to think and to compromise and you know what? we are trying to raise leaders, not robots. so, we want to teach our kids to think. >> alisyn: when you say don't be afraid to discipline, what does it look like. >> it looks like setting boundaries, and limits and consequences, with your kids. again, it teaches them to think. to set boundaries with them. >> dave: and have fun with your kids, needless to say and develop mutual trust and respect. how do you do so and get both. >> first of all, you don't judge and criticize your kids, and, you don't share their secrets with other people. they trusted you with them. and, then, you put down what you are doing when you look at them, and talk with them. you talk with them, not at them. you listen to their feelings, and you take their problems seriously. because, to them, their problems are serious. >> alisyn: it is interesting, you say with all of these tips you can stay close to your kids, even through the minefield of
9:27 am
teenagehood, so, we are -- we are nervous about that, but we will try to apply all of these, thanks so much. >> thank you so much! >> dave: the book is "parenting is a contact sport." good information. coming up, new details this morning in the case of jaycee dugard, we'll go live to the crime scene where the investigation is now, expanding. >> alisyn: she calls herself bernie madoff's other secret, the woman who claims she was his mistress. tells us all about the ponzi king. to silence headaches... doctors recommend tylenol... more than any other brand... of pain reliever. tylenol rapid release gels... release medicine fast. so you can stop headaches... and feel better fast.
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends" on this sunday morning and with senator kennedy, now
9:31 am
laid to rest many in washington ash speculating how his death will impact the health care debate in washington, fox news correspondent caroline shivley is live in washington, d.c. with more on that, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, guys, the death of teddy kennedy puts democrats and independents one shy of 60, the magic number to block a filibuster from republicans and it looks like a game changer with health care reform, last week harry reid said teddy is dead and that is why i am looking at bipartisanship, and he will go partisan but doesn't want to if he doesn't have to and without the 60 votes, he'll have to take the path of reconciliation and something invented for big budget items and requires a simple majority vote but has rules attached and one is the plan would have to be deficit neutral over the next five years and the democratic plan wouldn't get there for ten years and most likely dems have to make cuts or add taxes or split the bill in
9:32 am
two and the popular stuff in one bill and the unpopular in another and gets passed by reconciliation and the question is what this is hurry and lawmakers could wait until massachusetts voters pick kennedy's replacement, most likely a democrat but that puts them too close for comfort to the midterm elections and don't want to make the voters in their states angry then. and then after the 2010 elections, poll indicate the democratic majority will likely shrink and republicans, as you can imagine hate the idea they could be locked out with reconciliation but is a tool they used when they were in the majority including with the bush tax cuts. >> clayton: every party loves to say they are outraged with them doing it and -- >> alisyn: it is incredible the death of one person ted kennedy can tip the scales so much in the outcome of it. >> dave: interesting piece in "time" magazine talks about that, you lose your 60th vote and the chief negotiator and at some point there will be a deal, they'll have to take it. meanwhile, police in california have expanded their search in
9:33 am
the investigation of the couple charged with kidnapping a little girl 18 years ago, holding her captive in their backyard, and showing us this morning from outside the suspect's home, is casey steegel with the latest. the investigation, now, deemed expanded from what we hear. >> reporter: the creepy story continues to unravel, the national center for missing and exploited children by the way has send a team of counselors to work closely with the dugard family, not just jaycee but her two young children, children who were fathered by her cap tor, a man who admitted to kidnapping jaycee when he was 11 years old, back in 1991 but halls having sex with her and keeping her locked up in a sound proof shed, in the backyard, that could only be opened from the outside. in a compound of sorts in the man's backyard. what's more, phillip garrido, convicted of rape and kidnapping in the '70s is also considered a
9:34 am
suspect in several unsolved murders. in the area. according to police and the man's father, saying drugs may be to blame here. >> it's crazy. he's out of his head. he was on lsd and had a very severe motorcycle wreck in his head and as a young teenager, watch even 17. had to call me at work that he had an accident and had surgery and that is what this is. he was hurt and went on lsd and that killed him. >> meemenpolice agencies have b scouring his home for days now, expanding the search, as you said, to his neighbor's backyard, because we have learned that that neighbor is the one who called police, back in 2006, telling dispatchers that children were living intents in the sex offender's yard and when the sheriff's deputy came out here to investigate, he apparently didn't go as far as the front
9:35 am
porch, and missing the opportunity to bring the whole nightmare to an end, at that time. the county sheriff has since apologized to the public, and taken full responsibility. though the sheriff's office was not the only one to blame here. the man was on parole for life because he was convicted of federal crimes, and multiple parole officers apparently visited this house throughout the years, also, missing, what was going down, in this backyard. just unthinkable as the story, as i said, continues. town ralph, guys. >> alisyn: thanks, there are lessons here, for all of us, and the neighbors said -- called previously and said something suspicious was going on and we cannot overlook things like that, and when something doesn't make sense. >> dave: and many knew he was a sex offender and you can find it out on-line. >> clayton: and he was locked up four months, behind bars. >> dave: in 1993. >> clayton: he was behind bars. >> alisyn: all right. in the meantime here's your headlines.
9:36 am
former vice president dick cheney slamming a justice department probe into alleged abuses, interrogation technique and here's a small portion of what he said in the sit-down with "fox news sunday" host chris wallace. >> we could talk the whole program about the negative consequences of that. but the terrible precedent it sets, to have an -- agents involved, cia personnel involved in a difficult program, that, a proved by the justice department, approved by the national security council, and the bush administration, and then, when a new administration comes in, it becomes political, and they may find themselves dragged up before a grand jury... >> alisyn: the comments come as the obama administration orders a preliminary review of interrogation techniques used by the cia. well, all -- in georgia police were called to the grisly murder scene, 7 people found dead and two others in critical condition and police this morning are tight-lipped about the sayings,
9:37 am
not saying how the victims died or if they were related, only describe the victims as being from a very young age to a very old age. no suspects yet. and, it is new video, you should check out fresh into our newsroom, from los angeles, county, massive wildfires there, have destroyed three homes and three people are injured. thousands of rivets are being evacuated. look at how intense the fire is! as the u.s. forest service warns hot and dry weather conditions are making it very difficult to contain the fires. governor arnold schwarzenegger now doubling the number of firefighters to more than 1,000. let's check in with janice dean for whether or not they'll get any breaks this morning. >> it will be very very, warm, north of los angeles, temperatures in the 100 degree mark, range as we hid through the new work week, unfortunately, no relief in terms of temperatures, and relative humidity, remains low and breezy conditions continue for fighters and hopes and
9:38 am
prayers go tout to the folks and other big story, the tropics, watching low pressure could become erica over the next several case and national hurricane center has their eye on that situation, east of the western antilles and kevin, not worried about kevin and jimena off the coast of mexico, category-3, 115 mile-per-hour winds now, expected to come -- become a category-4, dangerous storm, and very close to the southern tip of baja, coastline and beautiful beach area and could be a dangerous situation and we'll hatch for jimena's progress and one of our top stories, the continued wildfire that burned, what 20 -- 20,000 acharies burned, 5% contained and 98 degrees -- acres are burned and 5% contained, 98 degrees and low humidity is not helping the firefighters, a story we'll continue to monitor throughout the weekend and into
9:39 am
early next week. back to you. . >> dave: the next story, e-mails an tweets are pouring in, techniques for teaching and involves letting the student pick the books they read. they don't have to read the classics, don't have to read the -- "to kill a mockingbird" and "of mice and men" and they are doing it outside of atlanta, and you -- and i think it needs to be a mix between letting them pick and making them read the classic. you like this, clayton. >> clayton: i love it. here's why. because if kids don't like reading and getting them to read a book like "huckleberry finn" or "war and piece" will not get them enjoying the process of reading and i don't think it hurts education to have them reading books they enjoy and later they can find classics and i didn't read "to kill a mockingbird" until i was 30 and had a much greater perspective and enjoyed it more than if i had it in high school and did the cursory glancing through
9:40 am
pages and not caring. >> alisyn: that may be true but, this isn't having -- happening in middle school outside of atlanta but it is am prosecute, reading workshop and is happening in new york, and chicago, and seattle, and this is coming to a city near you and i think, the problem is that you will not read the classic and one of the kids at the middle school, said instead of "to kill a mockingbird" he'd read "captain under pants". >> it is that -- here's the thing, i read things i enjoyed when i didn't have to read for school, i read history books when i was growing up or reading interesting detective stories or something and i don't think that hurt my education. and a kids book author says kids do book reports on captain under pants and dear dumb diary and if it gets them to read... >> alisyn: i would be -- on your leisure team, at home,
9:41 am
extracurricularly. >> dave: i agree, on twitter they say the classics are the foundation, vampire books, no substitute for "to kill a making bir -- mockingbirmockingbird" you n >> alisyn: what 5th grader is reading "war and peace". >> clayton: i think for context, to understand what they are reading and phoning it in and getting cliff note version and maybe they'll pick up the classics. >> alisyn: we'll debate in the the "after the show" show and 46 fugitives bust in two days, the unusual message police employed to catch so many people so quickly and the fugitives fell for it. >> clayton: the cost of freedom business block is airing at a special time, and here's a preview. into good morning, and we are on
9:42 am
a v-- 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., deficits of a $9 trillion deficit this is reason we need to pass the health care plan now, right or wrong and considering we are mistakenly sending stimulus checks out to convicts maybe we should rethink rushing another massive government program through and hypocrisy exposed, lawmakers bashing bonuses on wall street are taking tax money handouts to their own staffers, all that and a possible irs story with your 401(k), 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., this cost of freedom, today. r a. in your hands... knees... and back. for little bodies with fevers.. and big bodies on high blood pressure medicine. tylenol works with your body... in a way other pain relievers don't... so you feel better... knowing doctors recommend tylenol... more than any other brand of pain reliever.
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9:45 am
>> a way to catch fugitives, that is what happened in florida, 76 people were arrested as part of a stimulus money sting operation called, "show me the money". >> clayton: the sergeant from the fort lauderdale police department helped develop the sting, and joins to us talk about it. nice to see you this morning, welcome. you came up with this program, operation "show me the money." how did you it working exactly. >> actually, it was our members of our special investigation division came up with the operation. and, basically, what they did was obtained a list of wanted people from within our city and they developed a fictitious business, south florida stimulus coalition and people who were wanted on outstanding arrest
9:46 am
warn were sent letters telling them they were eligible for a stimulus check and were snucked to call an undercover number and were able to choose what date and time they wanted to come what they thought was a stimulus check and we arrested them for their warrant. >> dave: and bought it hook, line and sink aer. benjamin battle. tell us about him. >> benjamin battle was wanted for attempted second degree murder. he received a letter, made an appointment to come and he did in fact show up. thinking that he was going to receive money and we were able to take him into custody for the outstanding murder warn. >> clayton: hard to believe some people are this stupid, jose mel lena, what happened in the case. >> he was wanted on a warrant for possession of cocaine and narcotics violation and like mr. battle received the letter and also chose to come and thinking he was going to receive money and he ended up going to jail that day.
9:47 am
>> dave: i want to get one more but i have to ask you, i don't assume, at home watching "fox & friends," if they are fugitives, now, it received national press, and are you concerned you might be educating these fugitives about what is going on and how to avoid being caught? >> well, like i told our local media we are looking for creative ways to enforce the law and capture individuals that are wa wanted and when we do this we are educating criminals but at the same time we are lacking for ways to continue to do our job the way we are posed to do it. >> clayton: these guys come to you freely and some people actually showed up, to this mock named florida stimulus center, with their families, in tow. because they were expecting to come and get a check. is that right? >> that is correct. and one of these guys, albert wilson was -- what happened in his case? >> he had an outstanding warrant for dealing in stolen property
9:48 am
and was met by us and introduced -- he thought he'd receive a stimulus check and once we verified he had an active warrant we took him into custody. >> sergeant, i want to admit on the air i received a letter in the mail to pick ape stimulus check. >> dave: better get right in there. >> clayton: better check on that... thanks for joining us, this morning, congratulations on the program. >> thank you guys. have a great day. >> dave: show me this money! coming up, she wasn't just bernie madoff's victim, he was also his mistress. according to our next guest. the biggest financial scammer in history right after the break. introducing the all new chevy equinox. with an epa estimated 32 miles per gallon. and up to 600 miles between fill ups.
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9:50 am
9:51 am
>> alisyn: one of bernie
9:52 am
madoff's victims, shood today she's telling a deeper story about her romantic ties to the man that pulled off one of the biggest ponzi schemes in our time, in a new book, sheryl weinstein this is author of "madoff's other secret, love, money, bernie and me." welcome to "fox & friends." >> thank you. >> you knew bernie madoff for 21 years and had a business relationship and somewhere in the middle of that, 1993 your relationship turned sexual and you began having an affair with him and did you know at the time he was married. >> oh, yes, we had known each other for five years, but, yes, i did know he was married. >> what did he tell you about his wife, ruth, during this. >> we didn't does family too much. i mean, we did know each other five years, we discussed other things -- happenings in our family. >> alisyn: bernie madoff to the rest of us who don't know him intimately is described as a narcissist and ego man yak and
9:53 am
what did you see in him. >> somebody that was very attractive to me, and and taken with me, and very kind to me, although he did tend to speak a lot about himself. >> alisyn: how much did you end up losing? >> well, really, there was a combination. one was the organization, that i worked for. and one was personal. i lost everything. we lost everything. >> alisyn: tell me about the moment that you realized that you who had had an intimate relationship and friendship with him had also been scammed. >> i was at my office and the phone rang and it was my son. and he was very upset. and he said, mom, bernie's been arrested and i said, what! you know, back in 1992 they tried to make it sound like he did something wrong, and they continually did that and they'd never find anything and he said, no, no, it is on the e-mail, on the news, i'll send it to you.
9:54 am
>> alisyn: during the time you had the affair you were also married and you are still married to the same man, doesn't writing a tell-all book like this with intimate details of your relationship end up hurting your husband and your son and ruth madoff? >> well, i can just speak for my husband, and yes, the thing -- thing that hurts me the most is that i am hurting them to some degree. >> alisyn: why do it? >> well, with my -- it was my responsibility, the money, that was my job and -- in our marriage and after this happened, i started -- i had the feeling, a weight of guilt, responsibility, and i just didn't know what to do with myself. i was at a loss of what to do. and i didn't have jewelry and art work to sell and we sold our home of 20 years and still had mortgage and bills and the only thing i could think of selling was my story. that i thought was unique and
9:55 am
telling. and, i feel terrible. i mean, really, horrible hurting my husband and my son. but, it is the rest of our lives, i'm speaking about, and hopefully, this can help us put our lives back in order and go on. we -- my husband and i have been married 37 years, this happened 16 years ago and there has been a lot of water over this bridge since then and hopefully he'll be able to forgive me and my son is very loving and very supportive. so we'll -- you know, it is a horrible take, people up -- unless it happened to you, you cannot possibly imagine what it feels like and how desperate it is. >> alisyn: your book gives people an interesting in sight into the world of bernie madoff and what your relationship was with him, thanks for coming into share it with us. >> thank you so much. >> clayton: coming up on the show you will not believe what
9:56 am
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and to start making more money for yourself, contact an amway global independent business owner... or visit >> alisyn: reading some our e-mails and when kids should be left to their own devices and rich from central florida says, i agree with your position, al sinks on school reading lists. but, school board lists seem to be politically slanted and our
9:59 am
children are not... carefully balanced selections of classics and other popular reading could be best. >> dave: and finch says, captain under pants is not a classic? >> clayton: i love his name, finch atticus, atticus finch. >> alisyn: right. i love it, too, a pseudonym. >> clayton: p. freddie writes, thanks, i say, look, i think kids need to read as much as they can and doesn't matter what they are read, get them to read classics later and he says thanks for your realistic in sight, clayton and at least it beats having a book jammed down their throat. >> alisyn: from clayton's mommy. behind the scenes. >> this is footage that happened outside a while ago. romeo, our cameraman was doing a shot and he -- smiechlt artistry. >> clayton: whoa!


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